Meet The Pace Family

The Pace Family is a spin off of the well known quartet, The Apostolic Boys. Pastor Pace has always loved not only quartet singing, but southern gospel in general. Loving the sound of a quartet, but wanting to branch out into a the sound of a mixed group, The Pace Family was formed.

Formerly known as Apostolic Voice, The Pace Family has that dynamic range and beautiful harmony that draws so many to their sound. Progressive southern gospel might be the closest category to describe their style. Southern gospel with a mix of black gospel music, a hint of the modern sound and the Apostolic flavor that the group brings. You won't find a style quite like it!

The Pace Family has been ministering for over 10 years and feels so blessed to be able to use the talents that the Lord has given them. Their anointed singing is sought after all over the country and they are excited for where the Lord will lead them in the coming years.

personal bio's coming soon...